Technology can be hard. Here are answers to some common questions.

Starting your mobile

Why does my phone not start?

This may happen because the phone battery may have drained. Charge your phone for 10-15 minutes and try switching it on again. You should charge your phone before the red marking appears on the battery icon.

Common actions

How can I reduce the brightness of the screen?

Use the Pull-down menu and tap the Brightness option. Reduce the brightness to suit your needs.

How do I control the volume of the phone?

Use the volume control button on the side of the phone to control the volume of the sound. You may use this button for controlling the volume of YouTube videos as well.

Connecting to the internet

Why is my Internet not working?

Go to Settings and tap on Mobile Data. If it is Off, your Internet will not work. Tap on it to turn it on.

My Internet stops working several times during theday. What do I do?

Sometimes you may be in an area where the internet signal is weak. Try to move to an area where the signal is stronger.

How do I recharge my data pack?

Visit a shop that sells phone data recharge packs. Ask for a data pack of the service provider whose service you subscribe to. Buy a recharge pack that suits your needs.

Using the internet

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless Internet connection that is limited to a specific area, much like the cable operators for your television. The range of a Wi-Fi connection is limited to an area. When you are within that area, you can connect to the Internet on your phone through Wi-Fi.

I am unable to find the information I need through Google search.

For a Google search to be effective, the words you use to define your search need to be specific. The more exact the description of the words, the closer the results will be to your needs.

Voice search does not give me the results I want. What do I do?

For a Voice search to be effective, speak as clearly as you can. Make sure you don’t use unknown sounds while speaking. It helps if your search is as specific as possible. Currently, only English and Hindi language searches are available on Voice search.

How much does it cost to use the Internet?

When you use the Internet, you are charged for the data you download. The cost of data is based on how heavy it is. Data charges for downloading text is the least while it costs more to download videos. Data charges are also applicable to downloads of apps, images, documents and music.

How can I search for an image using Google search?

Type in the keyword and tap search. You will see the results. Now tap IMAGES. Google will show images that match your search. You can also search for videos and maps the same way.

What is the meaning of website extensions like .com, .in .gov?

Sites ending with .gov, .nic belong to the Government and usually contain accurate and reliable information. Site extensions like .com are common and usually belong to a company. Extension .in refers to a company in India.

Apps basics

There are too many apps on my screen. How do I organize them?

You can move the apps from one page to another. To do so, long-press on the app and drag it to the corner of your phone screen. The next page on your phone will appear where you can release the app at the appropriate location.

My app just stopped working. What do I do?

This may happen when too many apps are active. Use Active apps to close unwanted apps and restart your phone.

I am unable to install the app on my phone. What do I do?

Your apps may not install if your phone does not have sufficient memory. Go to Settings, tap on Apps. Check the available memory. Deleting a few videos and photographs will free up some memory to enable your apps to install. Review the Deleting Photos and Videos topic.

Video calling

What is the difference between a regular mobile-based call and a Google Hangouts call?

A Google Hangouts call is free. You only pay for the data you consume during the call.

Internet Safety

Is the Internet safe?

The Internet is a virtual world similar to the real world. You need to take precautions in this virtual world just as you would in the real world. Some of the things you can do are to have strong passwords, make sure you don’t share it with anyone and use methods and information Google provides to keep you and your data safe.

What does a strong password mean?

A weak password uses common phrases like “password”, “12345678” or common dictionary terms. These are easy enough to guess by others for misuse. Strong passwords are words that known only to you (like your teacher’s name when you were in class 4), difficult to guess by others and use a mix of alphabets and numbers.

How do I create a strong password?

Create a password using a phrase only you know. Use a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols makes your password harder to guess. Make sure you don’t share your passwords with anyone else.

A stranger has sent me an email with an attachment. Is it safe to open?

Some emails contain attachments that can harm your phone or your data. Avoid opening emails from strangers. Avoid opening attachments or tapping on any links in such emails.

I have received an email offering me a huge cash reward. What do I do?

Some emails make tall promises and offer unreal cash rewards in exchange for your personal information like full name, telephone number, bank account number and PIN. Never share personal information with anyone and delete such emails.