1.You can upload your own videos on YouTube for anyone to see.

2.Tap on the YouTube app. Note: You must be signed in to your Gmail account to upload videos.

3.Tap the 'account' icon.

4.Tap the 'upload video' icon.

5.Tap the video you want to upload from the Photos app. Note: You may also record a new video using your smartphone's camera.

6.Add the title and optionally, the description of the video in the given fields.

7.Tap the 'Privacy' field.

8.Choose who can see your video from the list.

9.If you want to upload only part of the video, drag the blue dots back and forth to select the part you want. When you are finished, tap the 'next' icon.

10.Your video is now queued for upload. You can see the upload status and time remaining to upload. Note: The video may take a long time to upload depending on it's size and your Internet speed. If your connection breaks during the upload, the upload will be affected. Uploading videos can consume a lot of your mobile data.

11.You can access your videos anytime by signing in to your account and tapping 'My videos' in the Account section.