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Creating passwords on the Internet

When creating a password for any account such as your email or any other place where you need to register on the Internet, it is important to make it strong so no one else can figure it out. Let's see how to make a strong password.

Step-by-step Instructions


It's better to have a difficult password than an easy one which anyone else can guess. At first you might think it is difficult to remember but it is worth the effort.


Words that are easy to remember like qwerty which are the first alphabet keys on your keyboard or 98765, usually don’t make very good passwords because they are easy to guess.


Using a mix of CAPITAL and small letters, numbers and symbols makes your password harder to guess.


Try starting with a random word or phrase like “ihatebeans” or “Shantiisfun” and using letters, symbols and numbers in the word to make your password more secure. For instance ihatebeans can also be written as 1H@teBeans.


Be sure to use different passwords for your different accounts like your email and online bank account.


Keep your passwords safe!